What can I use Cuddle Corn for?

There are many, many uses for your Cuddle Corn. You can use it warm for sore muscles, back ache, menstrual cramps, arthritis, pain from fibromyalgia, sinus pressure, tension relief, insomnia, or as a bed-warmer.  It is also great for pets to warm their bed in the winter.  
If you freeze Cuddle Corn it is ideal for post surgery pain, sports injuries, mastitis, hot flashes, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine headaches, bee stings, fever, or sunburn.  These are just a few of the many uses for Cuddle Corn. Find your own unique use, and share it with us!

Why do you use corn as a filler?

Corn has a larger surface area than rice or flax seeds, and retains the desired temperature much, much longer.  Because it is a larger kernel, it will not dry out quickly like other fillers do. Corn stays cleaner than other fillers, and has less problems with humidity, mold, or mildew.  It generally does not provoke allergies.  Other fillers such as rice or cherry pits can turn rancid over time, and have an unpleasant smell. Flax seed contains linseed oil, which can explode in the presence of oxygen.  After checking with the Consumer Products Safety Commission and the FDA, we found no warnings against using 100% cotton microwavable corn bags, and no product recalls. There have been warnings against other grains, as well as other types of heating bags. Corn always smells like corn, and the kernel cannot be penetrated with outside odors.  Corn will hold its shape as a rectangular kernel and will not disintegrate with time. The corn has been put through an intense cleaning process, and also has been placed under high heat before it is placed into the cotton bags. We feel confident in our choice of corn as a filler.

Why doesn’t the corn pop?

We use whole kernel field corn.  Popcorn is a specific variety of corn.  Popcorn is a completely round kernel with no exit for the moisture. When the moisture builds up, it pops. Whole kernel corn has an exit point at the base of the kernel, allowing the moisture to escape.  It will smell like popcorn, but will not pop!

How do I freeze it?

Place your Cuddle Corn in a freezer bag so that the cotton fabric will not absorb odors from the refrigerator.  It takes approximately 1 hour for it to get frozen.  It will stay pliable so you can shape it to any part of your body.  It will stay cold up to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the Cuddle Corn.

How do I heat it?

Place your Cuddle Corn in the center of the microwave, making sure it turns freely.  Start by heating your Cuddle Corn for 2 minutes.  If you would like it hotter, reheat it 20 seconds at a time until you reach your desired temperature.  The Mini only needs to be heated for 1 minute.

Can you freeze and heat the same bag?

Yes.  If a Cuddle Corn has been frozen, let it return to room temperature before heating.  If the Cuddle Corn has been used hot, let it return to room temperature before placing in freezer.

Why six different sizes?

All Cuddle Corn do the same thing; however, some bags are better suited for different body areas, and different needs.

How do I clean my Cuddle Corn?

Do not wash your Cuddle Corn bag. Do not immerse your Cuddle Corn bag in water.  Spot clean only.